Airtel Networks Zambia Plc provides free life insurance for millions of customers

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  •  “Airtel Insurance” will immediately insure millions of Zambians, growing insurance market penetration by more than 300% overnight
  • The Product is a life insurance scheme, provided free on an automatic basis to all Airtel customers topping up K10 or more per month.
  • By providing its customers with free insurance, Airtel Networks Zambia Plc shows its strong commitment to care for its customers in a time of need.

Lusaka, February 11th 2014: Airtel Networks Zambia Plc, in partnership with African Life Assurance and MicroEnsure has made a bold move in the market by launching a free life Insurance product for all Airtel customers topping up with K10 or more per month. Airtel Insurance offers Airtel customers life insurance with benefits increasing based on airtime top up amounts.

The experience and commitment of these organisations - to provide insurance for the mass market - has brought Airtel Insurance to the grassroots. As a free mobile insurance product with automatic enrolment, this offer has far-reaching implications for the Zambian population. Any Airtel customer resident in Zambia of any age and in any region, will qualify for cover upon topping up with K10 or more every month, making it the most widely accessible insurance cover in Zambia and immediately insuring millions of customers and especially the Zambian people.

The Airtel Insurance cover will reward Airtel customers with a monthly renewable life cover based on the amount of airtime topped up.

Customers will qualify for this insurance by topping up with as little as K10 each month, and if they increase their monthly top up amounts, they will earn more insurance cover up to K10,000 the following month as seen in the table below:


Monthly Airtel Airtime

topped up this month

Free Life Insurance Cover

enjoyed per month

K 0 - 9.99 K0
K 10 - 24.99 K 1,500
K 25 - 49.99 K 2,500
K 50 - 99.99 K 5,000
K 100 + K 10,000


Airtel Insurance becomes available in February 2014 and will be activated by a simple top up of K10 or more. The cover earned each month is based on the amount topped up the previous month.

Airtel Managing Director, Ms Charity Chanda Lumpa said “Airtel as a brand has always believed in innovation whilst bringing unique, relevant products and services to its customers in Zambia. We not only want our customers to love our services but also cherish the relationship that we have. With Airtel Insurance, we are providing something that has been unattainable to many Zambians, and we are offering it for free to thank our valuable customers for their continued support even as we simply reemphasize our deep care for our Zambian communities.”

MicroEnsure Africa, Regional Director Peter Gross said “Airtel Insurance is an overnight game-changer for the nation of Zambia. For the first time in Zambia, Airtel is providing life insurance cover for free – and immediately millions of loyal users will benefit. As the global microinsurance leader, MicroEnsure is proud to offer this unprecedented service with Airtel and African Life Assurance.”

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