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Philippines Insurance Commission Starts Microinsurance Dispute Framework

MicroEnsure PhilippinesThe Insurance Commission (IC) has signed a circular to implement the Alternative Dispute Resolution for Microinsurance (ADReM) framework.

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Stephen Cartwright Appointed as Finance Director for MicroEnsure

Stephen CartwrightStephen Cartwright has been appointed as Finance Director for MicroEnsure. Stephen’s broad experience has been gained across finance, sales and marketing functions in multinational corporations.

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Clinical Lessons from the Mountain (Part Two)

Mt Kilimanjaro

Is Pneumonia being over-diagnosed?

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Identifying Microinsurance Breakthroughs

In 2001 Jim Collins wrote in his book “Good to Great” about how companies achieve breakthrough. He asked his readers to imagine having the task of getting a huge flywheel with a 30 foot diameter in motion.

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